Back To School: 6 Most Needed Storage Items For Your Dorm

Back To School: 6 Most Needed Storage Items For Your Dorm


Whether you’re an incoming college freshman about to embark on a new adventure, a current college student returning for the new school year, or the parent of college student preparing to help your student with their move- we’ve assembled our top 6 most needed storage items for your dorm. Keeping organized in a small dorm room is key- and these tips are here to help!


1. Bins and Boxes

When we say bins and boxes… we mean a lot of them! Moving into a dorm, you’ll quickly realize right away that there’s not a ton of storage. Lots of your miscellaneous items- school supplies, make-up, jewelry, bathroom necessities, snacks and more- will all need to find a home. Stock up on various baskets and bins, whether they’re plastic, cardboard, wicker or wooden, to make sure you’ll have enough places to store your stuff.


2. Rolling Carts

Rolling carts make a perfect addition to a dorm room. The carts can be used for books and school supplies, used as nightstand, put in a bathroom as a bathroom caddy, or to make the perfect snack and coffee bar. The carts are great because they can easily be moved from one end of the room to the other, and take up less space than a traditional stand or table.


3. Charging Station

Laptops, Cell Phones, IPads and Kindles are all great for social media and fun, but are actually being utilized for school work more and more every year. To keep your room and desk less cluttered, buy (or create!) a charging station for your electronics. Keeping the cords organized and out of sight will make a huge difference!


4. Over the Toilet Storage

If you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom in your dorm, first and foremost be thankful you don’t have to share a bathroom with your whole dorm building, and secondly take advantage of having an extra area for storage. An over the toilet storage unit is the perfect way to create some extra space in your bathroom. You can also quickly install a shelf or two for a different look. Use the shelves to store towels, hair products, perfumes, soaps and lotions, and any other bathroom items that you’ll need throughout the school year.


5. Closet Hanging Organizers

Dorm closets are typically very small, and like most of us, you probably have way more clothes and shoes than can fit in a small space. In this case, take advantage of items like a closet hanging organizer. These simple, and typically inexpensive, products save a lot of space and give you extra storage for any clothing, shoes and accessories you may have.


6. Bedside Caddy

Another great way to create extra storage space in your dorm is with a bedside caddy. These caddies come in various sizes, easily slide into the side of a bed, and have an assortment of compartments for storage. From remotes to books to magazines- almost anything can be stored in these compartments. Not only can you easily access items from your bed, the best part is the caddy can easily be hidden by your comforter to keep your room looking uncluttered.

Fitting all your belongings into a crammed space can feel impossible, but with these 6 storage products, you’ll effortlessly create additional space for your items. If you’re ever finding yourself running out of room, storage units could be a solution to your problems. Personal Mini Storage has over 42 self storage locations in the state of Florida, including 4 in Gainesville near the University of Florida, 2 in St. Augustine near Flagler College, 6 in Orlando/Winter Park near the University of Central Florida, and many other location options!


Deanna Mooney